Basketball Betting Software

Basketball Betting Software

Start earning money by finding value bets on basketball

Value Radars Basketball Betting Software uses Artificial Intelligence to calculate the real odds of each game and detect bookmakers offering overvalued odds.

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What is Value Radars?

Value Radars is a basketball betting software that detects pre-match value bets. The application tracks and finds odds that are overvalued and shows them to you live so you can take advantage of them. Our goal is clear, to operate with a positive expected value methodology to beat the bookmakers.


Value Bets on Basketball Games

Value Radars software is designed to find value bets on basketball games. Our software uses statistical algorithms that can predict the win – draw – loss probability and detect overvalued odds at more than 20 different bookmakers.  We currently have over 120 basketball leagues in our database, making Value Radars the best basketball betting software. Predictions are updated daily.


Find Value Bets on Basketball Games

Our basketball betting software detects value opportunities using a combination of algorithms and data analysis. These include analysis of team and player statistics, betting line trends and consideration of factors such as weather and field conditions.

The opportunities are presented in an easy-to-use dashboard where you can see the details of each match, the favorite team and spread, as well as the recommended amount to bet. Information about the bookmaker, market and comparative advantage is also provided.

You can customize the software to suit your risk profile by setting betting limits and selecting the markets and sports you wish to follow.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best software to find Value Bets on basketball games is Value Radars. Although there are other software such as Trademates or Winnerodds, ValueRadars has the largest database on the market. Our algorithm finds multiple opportunities per day, so you can find the best bets and improve your profitability.

Value Radars is a software that detects pre-match value bets. The application tracks and finds odds that are overvalued and shows them live so you can take advantage of them.
The value bets detected by the software are displayed in an application where the user can see the match to bet on, the exact amount to invest, the market, the bookmaker and the comparative advantage among other functionalities.

A “basket value bet” is a bet where the odds offered by the bookmaker are overvalued. It is offering a higher odds than it really should be.


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