Value Betting Software

Start beating the bookmakers by finding overpriced odds.

At Value Radars we use Artificial Intelligence to calculate the real odds of each match and detect bookmakers offering overvalued odds.

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What is Value Radars?

Value Radars is a sports betting software that detects pre-match value bets. The app tracks and finds odds that are overvalued and shows them to you live so you can take advantage of them. Our goal is clear, to operate with a positive expected value methodology to beat the bookmakers.

+ 20 bookmakers

Real-time odds monitoring

Value discovery in 4 different markets

Consistent long-term profitability

How does it work?

The value bets detected by the software are displayed in an application where the user can see the match to bet on, the exact amount to invest, the market, the bookmaker and the comparative advantage among other functionalities.

It is simple to use, easy to apply and fully customizable according to the user’s profile.

Performance of Value Radars

Value Radars presents a 7% Yield after more than 6000 bets placed. The characteristics of these results are:

Odds between [1.5 , 4].

Sports: Soccer, Basketball and Tennis

Markets: 1×2, Over/Under, Asian Handicap and DNB

Accounts open at the same time: 5-6 (The more accounts you have, the better odds you can get, +yield).

Timing: 0-3 hours before the game (near the closing line)

Banking Management: Kelly Criteria (Moderate to 30%)

Sports Available



It is currently the sport with the highest number of value bets detected on a daily basis.


Our software has historical data from more than 120 professional basketball leagues.


We monitor in real time the latest information on more than 2500 tennis players.

Why Value Radars?


Proven profitable model with a 7% long-term yield. Optimal bank management using the Kelly Criterion to maximize profit.


No need to be on the phone waiting for a tipster's bet. You will be able to place your bets whenever you want.


Real-time odds monitoring of more than 20 bookmakers, 500 leagues, and 3 different sports.


The application adapts according to the user's profile (starting bank, available bookmakers, risk criteria available bets, chosen risk criteria...).

What is a value bet?

A value bet is a bet where the odds offered to you by the bookmaker are overvalued. It is offering a higher odds than it really should be.

Example: The probability of Nadal winning a particular match is 80%. This means that the bookmaker would have to offer an odds on Nadal’s victory of 100/80 = 1.25. If a bookmaker is found that offers a higher odds of 1.25 with a significant advantage, we can take advantage of it by betting, as it becomes an investment opportunity.

Trading following this methodology is the right way to beat bookmakers in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it’s likely. 

As soon as you start earning money on a consistent basis, bookmakers will limit the amounts you can bet. However, this does not mean that this is the end of the line, as you can choose to open more bookmakers and continue to take advantage of these opportunities.

After all, if you are limited, it means that you are a profitable player and you are making a profit. Therefore, once that point is reached, you will focus on acquiring new accounts and continue trading.

If you want to know more, we explain everything in detail in the blogs.


Value Radars acts only as a tool to detect errors in bookmakers. The money you trade with is placed at the bookmakers, where it is 100% controlled and managed by you.

At Value Radars we recommend starting with a bank close to €1,000. 

Past statistics, information from the odds market and Machine Learning algorithms are used to detect prices that are overvalued compared to what they should be.

The number 1 reason why it is possible to make money in sports betting is because the odds market is totally inefficient due to the fact that there are many bookmakers offering different prices for the same event.

Ex: Andy Murray’s victory: Bet365 (1.8), William Hill (1.85), Bwin (1.82), Betway (1.93)…

These prices are misaligned at certain times when a lot of liquidity enters in favor of a player and the price of the opposing player rises to acquire an overvalued value compared to what it should be, giving rise to an investment opportunity.

There is no special requirement, but the following is recommended:

  • Not to be an impulsive person with little patience. The results are measured in the long term (this starts from 300 bets and consolidates when it reaches 1000).
  • Understand the Value Radars methodology (Detection of value bets).
  • Watch the 2 operating videos (Youtube)
  • Read all the Blogs uploaded to the website
  • Always respect the stake
  • Do not make combined bets. Place a single bet per game.

It is not necessary to perform all those that are detected; each user will perform as many as he can.

However, it is important to remember that the more you do the better, as the sooner you will reach the long term and the less you will be affected by variance (volatility).

In the event that Value Radars recommends a bet and the bookmaker lowers its odds, it is as simple as going to the odds section of the Value Radars application and manually entering the new odds price. Value Radars will tell you if it is still profitable to enter or if it is better to let it go.

The answer is simple: The more the better. This is because if you have several bookmakers open, you will always be able to choose the best price for each game (the highest odds) and this fact in the long term will make you have a higher profitability.

If you are just starting in this world, it would be advisable to have between 4 and 6. If you have been doing this for a long time, as many as you are able to manage and do not get lost.

From the use of the kelly criterion (mathematical formula to maximize the profit).

It takes into account variables such as the odds, the % of advantage found in that event, the user’s bank and the risk criterion. All this will determine the optimal amount to bet on each match.

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